Monday, June 27, 2011

Making Goals Monday Blog Hop

I have decided to host my 2nd blog hop - Making Goals Monday. I thought this would be a great way to start the week and get you thinking about things you would like to achieve during the week. You could either have short term, long term or daily goals. I have started thinking about this because I have become involved in a program where I have Personal Helpers and Mentors through Ozcare Sunshine Coast.

The Personal Helpers and Mentors (PHaMs) service:
  • aims to provide increased opportunities for recovery for people whose lives are severely affected by mental illness
  • takes a strengths-based, recovery approach, and
  • assists people aged 16 years and over whose ability to manage their daily activities and to live independently in the community is impacted because of a severe mental illness.
The Personal Helpers and Mentors, employed by each service provider, support participants in their recovery journey, building long-term relationships and providing holistic support. They ensure that services accessed by participants are coordinated, integrated and complementary to other services in the community. A Personal Helper and Mentor:
  • helps participants to better manage their daily activities and reconnect to their community
  • provides direct and personalised assistance through outreach services
  • provides referrals and links with appropriate services such as drug and alcohol and accommodation services
  • works with participants in the development of Individual Recovery Plans which focus on participants' goals and recovery journey
  • engages and supports family, carers and other relationships, and
  • monitors and reports progress against each participant's Individual Recovery Plan.

The lady, Del who has started coming to see me is helping me to work on areas which I have been struggling with, mainly getting organised and having a routine. Now you might ask with 5 kids don't you have a routine to survive? Well yes and no. We have a sort of routine but it is not consistent and doesn't really help me to keep on top of the things such as the cooking and cleaning and washing. Now when I tell people this they are like you can't be too strict with a routine because you have kids. But when you have children with Autism and Asperger they actually need a pretty strict routine to help them cope. That is why I think my boys do well at school cause it has a pretty good routine and rules. That is another thing that we need to sit down and do is a set of house rules that is visual.

So my goals for this week:

  1. Sit down with the kids and work out house rules that we all agree on.
  2. Work out some a job roster for everyone (have been saying that we should do this but haven't done it yet)
  3. Work out some rewards - such as maybe having BBQ down at the park, doesn't really have to cost anything.
  4. Before getting on the computer put a load of washing and tidy up the lounge and kitchen.
  5. Spend some one on one time with each of the children with something that they want to do.
I think that should be enough for now.

Now the rules for this blog hop:
The rules are simple.
  1. Add your blog title and URL.
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  5. Feel free to add your own goals that you would like to achieve.
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*Each week I will randomly select one of the blogs listed in the Linky to be the feature blog for the next week.*

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  15. When my kids were small I use to sit down with them and do job rosters. They seemed to always enjoy them. Each task was worth a minimal amount of money but it gave them pocket change and they knew they had to do a good job or wouldn't get paid. I worked so it helped me out and they enjoyed it.
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