About Us

Hi my name is Sarah Black and have been married to James since 11 July, 1998. I am a Christian and a WAHP of 5 children - Joshua January 1998, Nicola March 2000, Matthew August 2002, Samuel December 2004 and Jessica September 2007.  

In September, 2009, both Samuel and Matthew were diagnosed  with ASD - Matthew with Mild Autism and ADHD; and Samuel with Aspger. As you can imagine life is very full on. I believe that I also have Un-diagnosed ASD. This makes life interesting when trying to manage a house hold full of children. I find I get very focused on certain projects and everything else I loose interest in. Its all or nothing. 

I am now very interested in trying to learn how to manage living with ASD and how it works in my life and my children's lives. I am also interested in trying to make the school system work better for both children and parents. 

My Children 
This was taken in October, 2007

Joshua 11 and Jessica 2

Nicola 10 and Jessica 2

Matthew 7

Samuel 5