Wednesday, June 22, 2011

New Look and New Name

I decided to give the blog a new look and new name whilst it is only fairly new. I thought that if I wait till I have more followers and get right into the whole blogging thing that it wouldn't be a good idea as it may confuse people. I firstly decided to change the name when I goggled Autism Connects and found a few sites with that name so to try and stand out I decided to change it. James and I tossed around a few ideas and came up with Accepting and Embracing Autism because you need to accept and embrace autism to have any sort of life where you can see beyond tommorrow. I suppose I was a little different to most parents when they get a diagnosis and they are totally and utterly devastated. I myself had always wondered what was wrong with me. I struggled all through primary and high school. I sort of fit in socially but was never really part of a group of girls where I was regularly meeting up and having girly days. I never had really close friends. From the outside it may have looked like I coped ok and I wasn't having too many problems cause I seemed like I was friendly and out going. On the inside was a different story. I suffered from high aniexty and depression. I now know I probably had Autism/Asperger and ADHD, and Sensory Processing Disorder. I also had low muscle tone. This has helped me be able to relate and also identify problems my 3rd and 4th children, Matthew and Samuel have had and led me to get them diagnosed. Although people have said to me over the years you have to be careful not to label kids I have thought about this and I feel that even with out a diagnosis they still labelled normally as naughty kids who are uncontroable. It would be amazing to see how different their schooling would have been had they had a diagnosis and had they go the help from teachers who understand why they do the things they do. It has helped us so much in the way they are taught at school and in the play ground.

I alos had noticed as I was doing the blog hops that there were quite a few pages with the same template. So I thought I would try and create something that is unique to me. So after a lot of checking out other pages as to what I liked and don't like I came up with what I have now. Knowing me though I am not sure whether I will get annoyed by it and want to change it. I think this must be my ADHD coming out. I tend to do this projects as well. This time last year I was right into sewing. Here are some of the things that I made:

 Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket
Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket
Photobucket Photobucket


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